Adults, What's The Most Devastating Insult A Kid Ever Said To You?

If there’s one thing kids can do, it’s cut you down to size. Kids’ insults can be absolutely devastating because they often don’t even realize they’re insulting you — they’re just saying what comes into their mind!

Or maybe you were showing off a drawing you made of, like, a horse, and a kid remarked, “It would be better if it looked more like a horse.”

Maybe you asked your kid why they’ve been playing in their room so long, and they sweetly replied, “Because I was sick of listening to the sound of your voice.”

Or maybe a kid saw an old photo of you and remarked with total sincerity, “I didn’t know you used to be pretty!”

And then there are the times kids MEAN to insult you, and the insults hit hard: “You’re as ugly as a giant burrito, but unlike a burrito, you’ve got nothing good on the inside!”

So, parents, family members, teachers, and anyone else victimized by a child — we want to hear the most devastating kid insult you ever heard! Share it in the comments below and it could end up in a future BuzzFeed post!

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