Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Look So in Love in These Rare & Lavish PDA-Filled Pics

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s latest photos together show they’re still oh-so smitten!

On Sept 14, the Tears for Water author shared a series of photos of her and Beatz in their lavish getaway. She posted the sweet tribute to her Instagram with the caption reading, “Happy Born Day to the one whose sun I orbit!! There’s nothing we can’t do. This year is going to be transformative! You are absolutely out of this world! ‼️🚀🚀🌍🌍 Forever yours, and forever by your side!”

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In the photos, we see Keys and Beatz looking as stylish as can be in front of a lavish mansion, with Keys rocking an orange and blue patterned dress and Beatz in a light chocolate suit, both with wine glasses in hand!

They’re seen smiling, packing on the super-sweet PDA with forehead kisses and dancing, and cheering for Beatz’s birthday! Truly, they look more in love than ever, and this post gave us an instant serotonin boost.

Keys and Beatz have known each other for decades, all the way back to being teenagers. But they didn’t start dating until they were adults! They reconnected in 2008 and eventually got engaged in May 2010, per People. They married two months later and welcomed their first son, Egypt Daoud, in Oct. 2010. They gave birth to another son, Genesis Ali, in Dec. 2014.

(Keys is also an incredible stepmom to Beatz’s children from previous relationships: Prince Nasir, 22, Kasseem, 16, and Nicole, 15!)

Back in 2020, Keys told EOnline that it was crazy to them that the pair had been together for so long. “It feels like two years. It goes by so fast. We are so connected and we have such a beautiful bond.” She added that she can’t believe she gets to “wake up next to each other like, ‘What are you doing here? Whoa, I can’t believe I am with you, man!’ It feels really, really cool.”

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