BBC radio presenter quits after claiming he's been treated 'cruelly'

BBC radio presenter Ray Clark has quit his role at Radio Essex after claiming he was treated ‘cruelly’.

Ray alleges he was not kept informed about the future of his show.

He took to X, formerly Twitter, to share his views: ‘I heard a year ago that changes would affect my BBC shows. Since final dates have been moved and been changed with little notice.’

‘Still with no certainty about final dates, I am taking control,’ he explained.

The annoyed host then revealed his final day at the BBC.

‘I will present my last show on 8th Oct I will still be on Caroline. Be Happy Ray x.’ 

He later gave fans a further update on his move and reminded them that they could still listen to him on Radio Caroline.

‘Just to clarify, no, of course I don’t want to give up a successful & popular regional #BBC show, but to be told ‘you finish in January, no March, no June, no perhaps October’ is cruel & unfair,’ he wrote on X.

‘So, I’ve decided I’ll finish 8th October Thank you for listening. See you on Caroline.’

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