Beinghunted. Celebrates 20 Years With Tilak 20 Raptor MiG GORE-TEX PRO Jacket

Beinghunted. has just announced a new 20-year anniversary collaboration with Tilak.

Arriving as a special colorway of the 20 Raptor MiG Pro jacket, the GORE-TEX silhouette from the Czech outerwear brand is the culmination of Jörg’s affinity for outerwear — with some of his favorite attributes from brands like ACRONYM and Carhartt, this jacket is close to 20 years in the making.

Straight from Tilak’s Military Gear range, this jacket is made with the 3-layer GORE-TEX PRO material, and sees changes in the form of a stronger olive fabric in areas prone to more abrasion, YKK velcro fastenings, Aquaguard zippers, and a hi-vis orange button cap. Rounding off the jacket is a commemorative lining.

Due to the limited quantity, this jacket will only be gifted to friends and family.

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