Blake Shelton Says His Relationship with Gwen Stefani 'Was Meant to Be'

If you already love Blake Shelton, just wait. In a candid new interview, Shelton spoke with friend Martina McBride about his relationship with Gwen Stefani in a way we’ve never heard before. It almost felt like we were eavesdropping.

“Who would have ever thought?” Shelton said of his relationship with Stefani. “If you thought the People magazine cover was shocking, mine and Gwen’s relationship is probably the biggest head-scratcher,” he joked, referencing the time he was crowned Sexiest Man Alive by People in 2017.

Shelton revealed how he and Stefani got together — and the story is pretty great. When Stefani first joined The Voice, she kept to herself. “Of all the coaches, she was the one I had got to know the least the first season she was on the show because she had just had a baby,” Shelton said. “Any time there was downtime, she was busy. She was gone, she was in her trailer taking care of the baby.”

Though other cast members would sit around and have a drink at the end of the day, Stefani didn’t participate. “Nobody really got to know her that well that first season,” Shelton said. But everything changed the next season, in 2015, after “a lot of life had happened and we’d been through a lot, and we bonded over that,” he said, referencing their divorces that year.

“It’s one of those things that…had to have been meant to be.”

He doesn’t take it lightly, and neither does Stefani. “It’s been 4 years. We’re shocked,” he said. “Every year for our anniversary I get her a number. She has this charm bracelet and I get her a number of what anniversary it is.” This year, it was a charm in the shape of the number 4. “I said, ‘Wait a minute, did I skip something? Is this right? Holy crap, 4 years! What the hell!’”

But lest you believe Stefani is the diva foil to Shelton’s more laid-back nature, don’t get it twisted: “She’s the most normal, unassuming, catholic girl from Anaheim, completely keeps to herself,” Shelton said of his girlfriend.


Shelton seems to have a knack for creating lasting relationships in the industry — not just with Stefani. It’s no secret that Shelton and Adam Levine are close friends, and it sounds like that friendship extended past the Voice set. “Adam and I stay in close contact,” Shelton said. “I was there when he got married when he had his kid, and his other kid.”

Levine was there in the hardest times. “When I went through my divorce, I stayed with Adam a little bit at his house,” Shelton said. “It’s those kinds of things that create those bonds.”

But, as Shelton’s love with Stefani proves, some things are just meant to be.

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