Blue Blue Japan Lands On HBX With Woven Outerwear and Patchwork Jeans

SELIN&CO.’s Blue Blue Japan has arrived on HBX with its signature blue-tinged apparel. Comprising workwear pieces and everyday essentials such as T-shirts and jeans, the imprint’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by the arrival of spring and nods to the Chinese zodiac sign of the year, the tiger.

Leading the latest lineup are the Bamboo Tiger Pattern T-shirt and dress shirt adorned with a printed motif of a tiger peeking out from a bamboo thicket. Some highlights are the Sachiko Four-Button Vest crafted using jacquard weaving and the unlined Sachiko Chore Jacket coming in varied shades of indigo due to a unique dye process. The natural cream-colored Waffle Cutover Haori Jacket decorated with two-toned panel details and the Indigo Matsuri Cross Zip Up jacket with a corduroy collar are other standout pieces. Rounding off the drop are T-shirts, socks, and different styles of jeans with regular and slim fits, as well as ones with worn-out colors and patchwork designs.

Check out Blue Blue Japan’s new releases on HBX, with prices ranging from $20 USD for a pair of socks to $745 USD for the Indigo Matsuri Cross Nenrin Patchwork Pants.

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