Bria Fisher Is Breaking New Ground as a Director of Communications

Bria Fisher is evidence that success requires more than just hard work. It also necessitates passion, manifestation, timing and organic relationships — all of which played a pivotal role in her being named EMPIRE’s first-ever Director of Communications.

When the Long Island, New York native found her passion for music PR work in college, she made the quick decision to switch her major and began interning where she could, eventually landing at Atlantic Records. Fisher’s fervor led her across the country to Los Angeles, starting off her professional career with AKW PR before moving on to FYI Brand Group and Biz 3 Publicity, where her work involved executing high-level GRAMMY campaigns for the likes of Jhené Aiko and 21 Savage, campaigns for Juicy J and Jessie Reyez, as advocacy organizations such as Black Lives Matter Global Network and Black Music Action Coalition and, last but not least, signing of the likes of 6LACK and Rich The Kid.

Now in her new role at EMPIRE, Fischer remains grateful, humble and focused on her mission that she’s been on for more than half a decade: to spotlight, support and spread the word of artists and advocacies that truly make a difference in this world. Her superpower is differentiating what’s important from noise, and she plans to further the role of publicists in the music industry. “I manifested this and did everything I could to make sure I got here,” she says of her career path, “but everything played out organically and just how it was supposed to.”

“Be present in any room you step into.”

In three words, how would you describe your job to someone who isn’t familiar with the music industry?

Tell the story.

How does it feel to be EMPIRE’s first-ever Director of Communications?

I feel so honored to be able to come into a place where the ethos is so strong. It’s been over a decade of record-breaking success for the company already, so the fact that this all came together organically feels like perfect timing — and I only hope to grow and be a part of the overall growth of those around me.

Can you run us through a day in your work life?

It varies. An average great day looks like waking up as early as functionally possible because I am based in LA — therefore I’m behind the rest of the world — then checking news and social media headlines when I can.

I try to start my mornings browsing through music and trade media to get ideas, find new contacts and keep up with industry trends. I update my to-do lists and call logs to hold myself accountable throughout the day, but like I mentioned earlier, things happen! I huddle with the folks on my team and get to work on strategy, writing materials and pitch outreach throughout the day.

In short, it’s being an adaptable, knowledgeable and efficient writer.

You work extensively with a number of artists across a variety of genres. Is there a major change in your approach to each artist because of their sound?

My approach is generally the same, because I can look through one magazine or website and find multiple journalists that write about different genres. So ideally, my hip-hop artist and my country artist can live on the same platform, maybe just at a different time. On the other side of that is knowing that the hip-hop artist can also get looks in specific publications that the country artist can’t and vice versa. I always think big, but strategy does change based on timeline, how music is reacting, social numbers, relationship with press and a bunch of other things.1 of 4

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What are the necessary first steps a young person should take to enter a career in music in publicity and communication?

Find out your interests and participate in them — go to conferences, festivals and events where you can. Volunteering at those is a good way to just get in. Be present in any room you step into, ask to shadow or intern with someone you admire, put yourself out there and familiarize yourself with music media daily.

What is one thing about your job that most people would find unexpected or surprising?

Publicists aren’t only operating in the traditional space anymore. We are now often brought on during the inception stages of artist’s campaigns. Not only are we pitching and securing press for the final product, we’re also strategizing across the entire brand, giving real input on creative and having lasting impact on a campaign.

Is there a secret to career longevity in this industry?

Be present and never stop asking questions.

What are some habits you follow regularly to always maintain a good headspace for work?

Nipsey Hussle said “Double check the details…gotta cross my T’s and dot my I’s so I can sleep well.” That’s self explanatory and that’s law!

What does a day off look like for you?

On the rare occurrence I’m offline, I’m really offline. t I make time for a workout depending on my mood, either HIIT or hot yoga. I buy myself nice things. I am a huge foodie and movie buff, I love hanging with friends or simply just staying in bed for half the day as well.

If not music, what would you be doing?

Trying to figure out how to get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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