Budding actress Jamie Xia more environmentally conscious after acting in online mini-series DBS Sparks

SINGAPORE – Hong Kong-based model-actress Jamie Xia, 26, uses her own tupperware containers for takeaways and never uses a straw when drinking beverages outside.

She has become more conscious of her plastic use since starring as DBS relationship manager Claire Lee in the bank’s online mini-series DBS Sparks.

Now in its second season, the series is based on true stories of social enterprises which are supported by DBS, such as Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, which trains underprivileged youth and women, and Remakehub, a fashion company which reduces waste through creative upcycling.

The 10 episodes of season one have garnered more than 250 million views so far and won a number of global marketing accolades, including a Silver Award at The Shorty Awards 2018, an annual award by a New York-based technology startup of the same name, which recognises the best short-form content on social media.

As DBS Sparks is her first long-term acting project, some scenes were more difficult for her.

“Making myself cry was challenging as I had to really dampen my emotions and get into a mental state I don’t regularly enter,” Xia told The Straits Times. “On top of that, there were so many people watching and surrounding me that the pressure could get high sometimes.”

“But I think it really helped that I was so comfortable with my fellow cast and crew members as I felt that I was in a safe space to express such deep emotions,” she added.

Previously, the American model-actress has been a host at Fox Movies and acted in television commercials.

She acted alongside veteran Singapore theatre actors Adrian Pang and Tan Kheng Hua in the DBS mini series. She said:”It’s exciting as I never expected to be able to work alongside such experienced and renowned people in the business.”

To her, DBS Sparks is more than a show, but also a platform to promote sustainable, inclusive companies and raise awareness about social issues.

In episode five, which will be released on Wednesday (Nov 6), Team DBS rallies around Claire when her father injures himself but refuses treatment.

It is inspired by the software development firm LongGood, which offers high quality tele- rehabilitation services.

“The episode has made me more aware of the challenges people go through when they age and the need to remain active for better quality of health in one’s latter years,” Xia added.

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