CD Projekt pays Lego fan to make The Witcher fan art

CD Projekt has encouraged fan demands for Lego The Witcher sets, after it commissioned fan art of Geralt and Ciri minifigures.

With the likes of Super Mario, Overwatch, and Horizon Forbidden West receiving dedicated Lego sets and figures, there are, understandably, calls from other video game fanbases for their personal favourites to get the Lego treatment.

At the moment, fans of The Witcher are especially eager for minifigures of Geralt, Ciri, and the other characters, thanks to fan art that even CD Projekt itself approves of.

In fact, CD Projekt appears to be so impressed with digital artist BrickPanda’s work that it commissioned them for some Lego themed Witcher art for the game’s official Twitter account.

Unsurprisingly, the art has fans begging CD Projekt and Lego to start a conversation.

Out of curiosity, we checked to see if fans can at least submit their own ideas for Lego Witcher sets via the Lego Ideas website.

Unfortunately, the answer is no and while sometimes this is because Lego already intends to release official sets, in this instance it’s because The Witcher is deemed too ‘inappropriate’ for consideration.

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