'Challenge: All Stars' Cast Through the Years — Then and Now Photos

Quite the transformation! It’s hard to believe that some of the cast of The Challenge: All Stars haven’t appeared on TV in over 20 years — but they’re ready to compete.

The nine-episode limited series, set to premiere on Paramount+, will feature appearances by 22 fierce competitors from the original Real World and Road Rules vying for a $500,000 grand prize. The season, filmed in Argentina, includes the oldest cast — but that doesn’t mean the daily competitions will be easy.

“I thought TJ [Lavin] might take it easy on us and some of these things wouldn’t be as extreme. Well, let me tell you, just starting from the first challenge alone, I was like, ‘This is real! ‘ This isn’t B-list challenges,” star and producer Mark Long, who hasn’t competed since 2012, said on the “Watch With Us: Challenge Edition” podcast. “This is A-plus, and it’s hard. It’s physical. It’s mental. Everyone was like, ‘Oh crap, what did I sign up for?’”

Although some of the competitors have appeared on recent Challenges, others haven’t been on TV in decades — and may just be the ones to watch. Jisela Delgado from Road Rules: The Quest (2001) and Yes Duffy from Road Rules: Semester at Sea (1999) will likely become fan favorites, according to Long.

“Jisela, she’ll admit it: She’s not the most physically fit girl in the room, but her heart is bigger than anyone’s. The quit in her is not there, and she’s so funny,” the Road Rules vet, 49, told Us. “I think people are going to really enjoy having Yes on the show. Yes is a very calm, positive energy in the house. He’s the voice of reason. … He had a good dad role!”

While both the physical and mental aspects of the game were tough, Long hopes that the new series shows that age is “just a number” when it comes to this group.

“Moms of three, fathers of two, people that are above the age of being at their physical prime can still get down and be dirty and deliver when it comes to a physical challenge, a social game and playing with their intellect,” the Battle of the Sexes winner said. “Just because some of these cast members are now mothers and fathers, wives — we can still get down and play with them.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see the cast on their first-ever MTV show and now. The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Paramount+ Thursday, April 1.

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