Cheaper Xbox Series X expansion card leaked by Best Buy

Best Buy may have given away plans to sell a 1TB Xbox Series X expansion card for around £75 less than they currently sell for.

Video games becoming more and more expensive means many consumers need to be more selective with which ones they buy.

Those that can afford a lot of games then face the problem of not having enough room on their console to store them. Which means you need an expansion card as well, and those aren’t cheap.

If a recent leak is anything to go by, though, Xbox owners could be in for a treat, as there appear to be plans to launch an Xbox 1TB expansion card that is significantly cheaper than Microsoft’s current offer.

For context, a 1TB expansion card for the Xbox Series X/S normally retails at £219.99.

This leaked expansion card offers the same amount of space for games but is expected to cost around £145 – roughly £75 cheaper.

A listing for the card was spotted at American retailer Best Buy (via VGC), with a $179.99 price tag, but has since been deleted.

Presumably, the listing was simply uploaded too early, and a more formal announcement is coming later. Hopefully, with a UK release date too.

If you’d rather not wait for a hypothetical cheaper expansion card, we have spotted a couple of discounts on the current card.

Argos is retailing the card at £189.99 – £30 less than the usual asking price – whereas Amazon’s running a discount that brings it down to £184.99.

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