Cindy Crawford Teases Fans With Plunging Lingerie Set That Showcases Her Gorgeous Curves

Cindy Crawford’s latest photo shoot is proving at 56 that her fashion icon status is more than well-deserved. The supermodel shared snapshots from her Haute Living cover story that show off her long legs and stunning curves from every angle.

The first image in the carousel has Crawford sitting in bed in a sheer black robe with a lacy black bra peeping out from underneath it. (See the photos HERE.) Her stylishly mussed hair gently covers one eye as she gives a sultry stare off into the distance. The second photo is all about her toned legs which are the main focus, stemming from her white bodysuit down to her patent leather heels. The final picture has Crawford in a long black dress with a plunging V-neckline — and giving off major editorial vibes.

In the pages of the magazine, Crawford dives deep into the topic of aging because so much of her career has been about her looks. At 56, she’s calling out the media (and society) about the idea of being “ageless” in the public eye. “Being told I’m ageless isn’t right, especially because getting older is hard enough, never mind that we live in a youth-obsessed culture,” she said. “I’m not 25, so why should I be trying to look 25? Why do I want someone to mistake me for a 25-year-old? I’ve had children. I have all this life experience.”

Her longevity in the business is a testament to her star power and the (slowly) evolving fashion industry. “There was no way I thought I would still be quote-unquote ‘modeling’ to this day,” she said. Even though she has days where she is less confident, Crawford isn’t giving up on her career for a very powerful reason. “Sometimes I think, ‘Screw it. Maybe I don’t want to model anymore.’ But then I think, ‘Gosh, then I’m just further telling women that at a certain age, we’re just expired, and we should go on the shelf,” she summed up. “Do I want to play into that for women? And so I don’t.”

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