Competitve 'Call of Duty' Player Caught Cheating While Trying to Prove He Doesn't Cheat

A competitive Call of Duty: Vanguard player has now been caught cheating while trying to prove that he doesn’t cheat.

Kenji is a semi-pro esports player competing in the Vanguard tournament Checkmate Gaming and in a recent 2v2 match, his opponents accused him of cheating via wallhack, an illegal add-on that allows players to see through walls to make identifying enemies and predicting their movement much easier.

Contesting the claims, Kenji decided to record a video of himself playing with an off-screen camera, but interestingly enough, he didn’t turn off his wallhack. What ensued is a clear video showing large boxes on his monitor during a match indicating enemy locations behind walls.

After the video surfaced, Checkmate Gaming has since banned Kenji from participating in the competition permanently, with his participation in the College Call of Duty Tournament also canceled. The latter went as far as to disqualify his teammates as well. Naturally, Kenji also shut down both his Twitch and Twitter accounts following the fiasco.

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