Confused About Watchmen's Squid Rain? Here's the Deal

HBO’s Watchmen television series has a plot that seems fairly straightforward: law enforcement and masked vigilantes are fighting against a white supremacist group called the Seventh Cavalry. But there’s a brief scene in the premiere in which sea creatures inexplicably fall from the sky that clues us into the fact that there are some other, crazier things happening. When Angela (Regina King) and Topher (Dylan Schombing) are driving home from school, sirens go off, and she stops the car so they can be splattered with small, gooey squid for about 10 seconds. She then calmly scrapes them off her windshield, and they resume driving.

Wait, what?

Truth be told, we don’t know much about the squid thing yet. In the graphic novel upon which the show is based, Adrian Veidt wants to unite the world against a common enemy, so he plots to make everyone think the world is being attacked by a giant alien squid. In the comics, he successfully carries off the giant alien squid attack. The film version actually begins after the Comedian discovers what Veidt is up to and Veidt kills him before the squid attack can take place.

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