(Di)vision FW23 "Dressed for Disaster" Comes Home After Dark

Closing out day one of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Simon and Nana Wick’s label, (di)vision, was a jaw-dropping showcase filled with rebellious attitude. Targeted toward genre-defying rule-breakers, the Danish imprint set a clear mark on the Fall/Winter 2023 season and delivered an astonishing performance that left attendees in awe.

Set in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg Gardens, (di)vision’s latest offering welcomed guests into a former royal home that oozed with an overnight banquet appeal. Wrecked and destroyed, circular dinner tables were littered with leftover meals devoured by party-goers prior to an eventful rave-up. However, a live band supplied laidback instrumentals unbothered by the trashed scenes before them while the runway was set into motion with the brand’s customary sustainable ensembles at the forefront.

Fittingly titled “Dressed for Disaster,” the collection saw (Di)vision continue its journey into upcycling, starting the co-ed offering with dated motorcycle jackets and shredded nightwear placed beneath. Cut-and-sew bottoms boast a patchwork feel paired with asymmetrical bombers and jagged duffle bags for overnight occasions. Scrap denim was repurposed into diverse footwear options made in collaboration with ASICS, accompanied by semi-translucent knitwear and double-layered track pants.

(Di)vision’s FW23 collection saw diverse personalities collide, from grungy goth crowds to preppy school kids. For the latter, punctured sweater vests were adorned with branded pins and matched with clashing checkered shirting, while white ensembles were splashed with wine that left residual stains and a celebratory spirit.

The final look set (Di)vision apart from the rest as a guest rose from her seat and posed for all to see. Little did we know, as she strolled through the venue, the tablecloth would come with her — converting into a dress that tossed platters, glasses, French fries, and oysters across the lively setting.

Take a closer look at (Di)vision’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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