Donald Trump’s Former Campaign Adviser Predicts He May Choose This Shocking Time to ‘Turn Himself In'

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Someone who used to be super close to Donald Trump and all the happenings in his political campaign has a quite shocking prediction about what may happen next week. As many know, so many are gearing up for the long-awaited Republican GOP debate next week that’ll take place with almost all of the candidates. As of Aug 20, former US President Trump is the only one not to sign on to this (and many former colleagues have been taking jabs at him for this).

There have been musings of him doing an interview with Tucker Carlson around the same time, but Trump’s former campaign advisor Jason Osbourne made a prediction that has people quite confused.

During a recent discussion on The Source with CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins, former Barack Obama administration staffer Ashley Allison, and Osbourne, he said he thinks Trump will end up turning himself in to Georgia authorities around the time of the debate (but it’d be for a calculated reason).

“I’m [at] about a 30 [percent] chance this is going to happen, but I think Donald Trump is gonna turn himself in either right before the debate or during the debate, which will suck all the oxygen out of the room,” he said. “And then Fox is stuck having to air the debate, whereas you and other networks are able to say, “Wait a minute, Donald Trump has actually just turned himself in.’”

Osbourne is alleging that there may be a possibility that the Home Alone 2 star would turn himself in during, or close to the time of, the debate to ensure all eyes would stay on him.

Osbourne also added, “And then there’s Tucker Carlson waiting on the steps of the courthouse, able to interview him right there.”

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