EA Sports FC closed beta is on the way reveals leak

If you’re football fan looking forward to EA Sports FC you’ll be happy to know the game’s closed beta is just around the corner, according to a recent leak.

Even though FIFA 23 hit the shelves less than a year ago, many football fans are already itching for the next big thing. 

The next instalment will not bear the familiar name or branding of the franchise; rather, it will be known as EA Sports FC, with publisher EA promising that this move will take the beloved series to new heights. 

Despite the absence of an official trailer, recent leaks suggest that the closed beta for the game might be hitting sooner than you think… 

The information comes from reliable dataminer Aggiornamenti Lumia, who claims that the EA Sports FC closed beta has been added to Microsoft’s internal systems. 

Following the pattern set by FIFA 23, which had its official reveal in July 2022, it’s expected that EA Sports FC will follow a similar announcement schedule. 

In fact, earlier this year, EA hinted that they would unveil additional details about EA Sports FC during this month. 

The same dataminer also revealed the following download sizes for the EA Sports FC beta on Xbox: 

  • EA Sports FC closed beta on Xbox Series X: 41.57GB 
  • EA Sports FC closed beta on Xbox: 39.23GB 

As Aggiornamenti Lumia primarily covers Microsoft and Xbox leaks, they couldn’t provide any details about the beta’s size on PlayStation, but we’re guessing it’ll be in the same ballpark. 

The sizes mentioned earlier are pretty much on par with the FIFA 23 closed beta. However, PlayStation 5 players will recall that it took up a massive 51.2GB on their consoles – more than the full game’s download size. 

Even with the rebranding, EA Sports FC will keep certain popular features from the FIFA games, including elements of the popular Ultimate Team mode – no doubt including all the microtransactions. 


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