Elon Musk Plans To Make X a Dating App

A few months after Twitter‘s rebrand to X, Elon Musk celebrated the anniversary of purchasing the social media platform by sharing with his employees on a video call that he plans to add a “fully fledged” dating component to the app in 2024.

According to Business Insider, further details regarding how the coupling aspect of the app will be operated has not been revealed. In the same call, Musk also shared that he hopes to make X a functional digital banking tool as well, turning the social media platform to an “everything app.”

Since the acquisition, Musk has been looking for new revenue streams. When he bought the company, Musk immediately began cutting staff after advertisers fled and the platform lost half of its value. Forbes previously mentioned that by rebranding away from “Twitter,” the platform might have lost as much as $20 billion USD in its value. Business Insider‘s source claims that Musk’s vision for X seems to move it way from what “users really want” from it with making them pay for its growing services. It is uncertain when the dating portion of the app will come into play.

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