Fans not happy that Lin Chi-ling will stay in Japan with Akira after Nov 17 wedding

Taiwan model Lin Chi-ling admitted, in her announcement in June of her marriage to Japanese singer-actor Akira, that she has “always believed that if I believe in love, love will one day reward me”.

She said she had gone through “many falls, twists and turns”, without mentioning her on-off relationship with Taiwan actor-singer Jerry Yan that lasted 17 years.

Lin, 44, will hold her wedding in Tainan in Taiwan on Sunday (Nov 17), with her fans wishing her well – given her love history – even if some fans in China reportedly were initially not happy that the groom is Japanese.

In China, memories of the Japanese occupation during World War II have not completely faded away.

But with news that Lin plans to live in Japan after the wedding, the mixed feelings over her choice of bridegroom have started to surface again.

China Press reported that her fans perceive that women are not on an equal level with men in Japan, and that they are upset that Lin, a celebrity, is at risk of becoming a nobody there.

This “downgrade” is not likely, even if it pans out, to upset Lin who has said that she wants to walk away from the spotlight to focus on family and charity commitments at this stage of her life.

While she is said to have tried to open doors for him in China, Akira, 38, does not really need to venture there as he is kept busy with work in Japan, and she can support him.

Some netizens have pointed out that Japan is a short flight away from Taiwan so Lin can still visit her loved ones and enjoy home comforts on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, more details about her big day on Sunday have been published.

The ceremony is set to be held at the Tainan Art Museum, with Lin apparently in love with its classy ambience.

Tainan is her father’s home town.

There will not be space for many guests but that will suit her preference for an intimate wedding, with friends and relatives told not to give her hongbao.

For those who cannot attend the event, they can still get a photo of the couple.

Sin Chew Daily reported that buyers of Lin’s 2020 calendar – sold via her charity foundation – will get a framed photo of Lin and Akira.

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