Girl comes home with classmate’s coat and holds up brilliantly under questioning

Catching children in a lie can lead to some hilarious backtracking as they attempt to conjure up a cover story on the spot.

Take this little guy , who strolled out of nursery with another kid's bike and then tried, and spectacularly failed, to convince his grandmother that he had purchased it himself on Amazon.

One girl has set a new standard for holding up under interrogation after returning home from school wearing a jacket she hadn't left the house with.

Spotting that his little girl had a new addition to her wardrobe, Mila's dad adorably questions her as to where she got it from as the whole thing is caught on camera.

After insisting that she had bought the jacket herself, she confirms she paid for it with 'five monies' from a shop called the 'jacket store'.

She explains that the Nike jacket is in her favourite colour of pink and blue, before expertly attempting to change the subject by asking if her parent remembers when Connor in her class was a baby.

Her dad finishes the cute interaction by saying: "Okay, bubba, I think we have to return this jacket because I don't think it's for us.

"I don't think it's for you, mumma didn't buy it for you, I didn't buy it for you."

As his little girl gets upset he tells her the jacket is too small anyway and must be returned as it 'doesn't belong to us'.

The sweet video has since had almost 13 million views after being posted on Twitter , with user @samaraa0 explaining Mila returned the jacket back to its owner the following morning 'with absolutely no fuss and the mum thought it was hilarious'.

Running a poll where she asked her followers if they think the little girl bought the jacket herself or took it from school, an overwhelming majority were convinced she had picked it up from the 'jacket store'.

"She bought it at the jacket store for five monies, no more questions," one said.

Another agreed, replying: "Case should have closed then and there. That dad was just trying to make a name for himself. Probably wearing a wire #undercover."

"Why was she questioned without an attorney present????" demanded a third.

People were also full of praise as to how the parents handled the situation, with one writing: "Awww!

"Respect to those parents for disciplining their daughter and teaching her that, what isn't yours, must be returned, no matter how much you want it."

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