Here's Why "Love Is Blind" Features Those Gold Cups in Basically Every Scene

Image Source: Netflix

There are numerous standout stars on “Love Is Blind” season two — Deepti Vempati, Natalie Lee’s adorable parents, and Salvador Perez’s ukulele, to name a few — but no star shines quite as bright as the famed gold cups. You know the ones we’re talking about: those metallic-tinged wine glasses that pop up in nearly every frame of the Netflix dating series.

As omnipresent as the drama, the shiny goblets, of both the stemmed and stemless variety, aren’t just sipped by contestants in the pods; they also score a ticket to the all-inclusive honeymoon resort in Mexico and make appearances at the bonfire in Chicago, the wedding-dress shop, every family’s house, and every contestant’s apartment. We’ll put it this way: if “take a shot every time you see a gold cup” was part of a “Love Is Blind” drinking game, you’d likely end up with a massive hangover after just one episode.

So, what’s the purpose of the ubiquitous drinking vessels, and where on earth did they come from? Wonder no more, because we’ve got answers right here.

Shayne Jansen appears in "Love Is Blind" season two

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“Love Is Blind” creator Chris Coelen recently told Variety that he chose the cups as a way to aesthetically distinguish the series — because holing up would-be lovers in tiny pods separated by an illuminated wall wasn’t enough to do so, apparently. “When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show,” he said. “It’s a very authentic, really true following of these people’s journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way.” Beyond that, the opaque nature of the glasses allows for seamless continuity; editors can cobble together scenes without worrying about how much alcohol, water, coffee, or whatever preferred liquid is left in each contestant’s cup. Plus, the fact that they’re metal and therefore harder to break than glass helps, too.

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