Hermès Unveils New Pocket Watch: The Slim d'Hermès Masan Masan

Hermès has unveiled the “Slim d’Hermès Masan Masan,” a pocket watch that utilizes and fuses age-old craftsmanship and modern horology. The one-of-a-kind model is a tribute to the equestrian themes cherished by Hermès, encapsulated through a blend of horsehair marquetry and meticulous engraving.

The spotlight of this timepiece is its distinctive dial and cover, which reinterpret the Masan & Masan silk scarf motif by Thai designer Terawat Teankaprasith. In Thai, the art of horsehair weaving is known as “masan,” which directly translates to “braided horse” and is an ancient technique where water hyacinth is sun-dried and woven by hand to craft various objects.

Originally used for basket-making, this technique has been eloquently adopted to craft the Slim d’Hermès Masan Masan’s cover and dial. The painstaking process involves selecting different shades of horsehair, cutting and gluing them individually to compose the equestrian motif, while an engraver breathes life into a rose gold horse profile through traditional burins and chisels.

The exterior of the watch is complemented by its inner precision — the heart of this timepiece is the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 mechanical self-winding movement, fabricated in Switzerland and boasting a 48-hour power reserve. The 45mm round case, framed in white gold, houses the contrasting shades of the majestic horses, akin to yin and yang, accentuated by protruding lugs. The watch is finished with a matte black alligator cord strap, harmonizing with its golden tones and evoking a blend of modernity and timelessness synonymous with Hermès’ design approach.

At the time of writing, no information has been shared as to the price or availability of the one-off timepiece.

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