Intel Teases Its ARC “A-Series” Limited Edition Graphics Card

Intel has finally announced a release for its much-anticipated ARC “A-Series” Limited Edition Graphics card, with plans to launch in Summer 2022.

The tech giant’s high-performance graphics brand for gamers and creators revealed the news via its Youtube channel, with a 49-second video showing the design and DNA of the device.

It features a dual-fan cooling system, sleek black ridge display, and chrome contrast detailing. Intel’s presence in the space also boasts next-gen graphics for popular games like Monster Hunter: Rise, League of Legends, Grid Legends, Ghostwire and Elden Ring.

As a desktop counterpart, it also has an HDMI port and is slated to be more advanced than its ARC 3 predecessor – having more VRAM and an increased graphic core.

The company has not released any details on pricing and critical specifications yet, but gamers can find initial information on the new Intel “ARC” via its website.

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