Jaime Pressly Has a Favorite Child

Moms of multiple children know there’s an unspoken rule: You’re not supposed to favor one kid over another. But having a special kind of bond with one of your kids? Sometimes that’s just the way it is. And though most mothers wouldn’t cop to it, Jaime Pressly admitted she has a favorite kid in a new post. Though she loves all of her children equally, she said that she and her firstborn have a different kind of bond.

While it may seem taboo at first glance, many of us can probably understand the point Pressly is making, if we really stop to think about it. There’s something special that happens between a mom and her first child: They’re working through so many firsts together, learning alongside one another, figuring out the mother/child relationship as they go. That is, of course, not to say moms love their eldest children more than the others, but Pressly does hint at something that will likely feel relatable to so many parents out there.

An Instagram user admitted that favoring one child may be more universal than we thought. “Everyone loves their first born the best. It’s like the universal parenting secret,” the user commented.

Sometimes having a favorite child isn’t so much about a special bond, though — sometimes there’s an ebb and flow that happens. Or, as one Instagram user is pointing out, sometimes it changes based on the kids’ behavior: “My favorite is whoever not working my nerves at the moment,” they wrote. “Sometimes it’s both, sometimes it’s one and sometimes it’s none. Don’t let these non parents mom-shame you. What you said was real!! ? Beautiful picture by the way!”

Though Pressly may, by her own admission, have a “favorite” child, the truth is this: All three of her sons are the loves of her life, and she’s very vocal about that. “My 3 favorite humans on the planet,” she captioned a photo of another Instagram photo featuring all three children. And we can all relate to that!

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