Jane Seymour Reminds Fans to 'Look Forward With Hope' In Glowing Swimsuit Snapshot

Jane Seymour has posted everything from silly set pictures to jaw-dropping swimsuit snapshots. This time, she decided to not only post another gorgeous swimsuit photo, but add a positive reminder for her followers.

On March 7, Seymour posted a gorgeous photo of herself with an inspiring caption that reminded us to breathe. She started the post by saying, “It’s often easy for us to get into our own heads about anything and everything, isn’t it? We replay scenarios in our minds and constantly think of things we could have done differently.”

She added, “Whenever I find myself starting down that path, I remember the saying: look forward with hope and not backward with regret. ⁣I hope the next time you start getting into your head you’ll remember this too! What are some ways you get out of negative thinking patterns?”

You can see the beautiful photo HERE.

In the photo, we see Seymour smiling her mega-watt smile as she rocks her iconic red swimsuit, matching red hat, and watercolor-patterned shawl. Her comments were flooded with people calling her beautiful, and others thanking her for the insightful advice.

We can all agree that she looks absolutely stunning and we love that she’s using her social media to help her followers in these anxiety-inducing times.

In a recent interview with Prevention, Seymour said she keeps a positive mindset no matter what, saying, “I just literally grab life by the horns every day, I do not live in the negative, I do not live in the past.”

She also credits her way of thinking for helping her stay youthful and hopeful. “I think as much as anything, it’s an attitude towards life. If you see a positive in life, if you have a purpose, if you’re not thinking all the time about yourself, if you’re thinking about ‘what can I do to help others that are less fortunate? What can I do today that can make a difference in the world? Or what can I do to enjoy this amazing planet we are on, or the gifts we have and the gift of life?’”

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