Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks About Aging In The Public Eye For Over 30 Years In Rare No-Makeup Selfie

Jennifer Love Hewitt just blessed our timelines with a stunning and super-rare no-filtered, no-makeup selfie.

On March 27, Hewitt posted a beautiful no-filtered, no-makeup selfie on her Instagram. She took the time to add a touching caption, starting with, “I posted this pic earlier and have heard a lot of positive thoughts. It means so much to me because aging is weird. And growing up with you guys over 33 years has been amazing, but the filters of it all can be tricky.” She added, “You can’t help but want to look better or even perfect to keep up. They are so fun but they also can be really hard because you can forget to feel good about your real face. Maybe I just need to be better at the balance. Anyway, thanks for letting me share and feel good as just me today. Love to you all.”

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In the beautiful photo, we see Hewitt with wet hair and no filter — despite having many photos and videos with a filter on. We see everything in this photo and we’re truly fawning over her freckles, skin texture, and gorgeous brown eyes. We love that Hewitt talked about filters, specifically how we can get blinded by them.

Many fans and friends came straight to the comment section, calling her beautiful, both inside and outside. One of the top comments read, “Your soul is beautiful. And therefore, your face will always be.” Another one added, “Gorgeous inside and out. Natural beauty is timeless.”

Hewitt has been in the business since she was a child, getting minor roles in commercials as early as ten years old. Then, she shot into stardom in the later 1990s with hit films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can’t Hardly Wait. We truly have seen her grow up these past 30+ years.

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