Kate Middleton May Have Broken Royal Protocol in the Sweetest Interaction Yet

During Kate Middleton’s latest outing, she may have broken royal protocol yet again (but in a majorly sweet way that warmed so many fans’ hearts)!

While on a visit to the V&A museum after its long renovation, she struck up a conversation with multiple schoolchildren from Globe Primary School in Bethnal Green. Per DailyMail, as the children surrounded her, she seemed to have a ball while playfully whispering to them: “I’m 41, shh don’t tell anyone!”

While the whole interaction was beyond adorable, a royal rule may have been broken along the way. During her time there, Kate was showered with hugs from the children and was even in the center of a big group hug.

A big royal rule that many other A-listers have talked about is how you’re not supposed to touch members of the British Royal Family or initiate first contact. In fact, for many years, it was believed that royals could only make physical contact or greetings with either a handshake, bow, or a curtsy.

However, Kate has been seen multiple times throughout the years giving hugs to royal fans (especially the doting kiddos)!

It’s unclear if the “no hugging” rule has been taken off the long list of royal etiquettes, but even if it was a rule, Kate couldn’t pass up a sweet group hug moment like this one!

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