Katy Perry Lives Out Her Sexy Biker-Girl Dreams in "Harleys in Hawaii" Music Video

“What do you get when you rent a motorcycle for a weekend with your boyfriend in Hawaii?”

That’s the question Katy Perry posed on her Twitter page with the release of her latest single “Harleys in Hawaii,” and the music video is all the answer we need. The dreamy footage features Perry riding a Harley along a Hawaiian highway with her bearded beau (who we would not mind taking an island adventure with either) and stopping along the way to sing karaoke at a tiki bar. The pair also cuddle up while lounging along the shoreline and gazing out at the Pacific as Perry sings the lovestruck lyrics of the song.

“Let me run my fingers through your salty hair / Go ahead explore the island / Vibes so real that you can feel it in the air / I’m revving up your engine,” the singer croons to her onscreen lover. Go on and live out your biker-girl fantasies by watching the video above, and then make sure you check out her equally dreamy visual for “Never Really Over.”

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