Kayla Mahaffey Takes Us Back to Childhood in Solo Show

Chicago-based artist Kayla Mahaffey kicks off her solo show tour with “Remember the Time” exhibition debuting at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles.

“Summer days, children playing, neighborly love, peace…quiet”, highlights Mahaffey. The nostalgic effect of the pop artist’s “Remember the Time” works is both whimsical yet transportive. As we often get wrapped up in chaos of reality, Mahaffey offers an escape with the sweet naivety of being a child in her artwork.

Using bright colors and cartoon shapes, she illustrates the wild and boundless imagination we have as children, while the addition of iconic toys – such as the Nintendo Gameboy and various dolls – evoke touching memories of playing long into the summer evenings with friends. Mahaffey’s hyper-reality artwork is not only a lighthearted flashback of childhood but a reminder to look at the charm life has to offer in times of great turbulence.

Take a closer look at “Remember the Time” by Mahaffey in the gallery above. The exhibition runs until October 9 at Thinkspace Projects LA. For more details on the artist and upcoming exhibitions, visit her website.

Thinkspace Gallery
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90016

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