Legal Expert Predicts Donald Trump Will Try & 'Save Himself' If Indicted by Implicating Ivanka & Jared Kushner

Loyalty has always been the cornerstone for Donald Trump in his business dealings, but former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is alleging that he won’t be loyal to anyone if he’s ever indicted from one of several ongoing investigations. While the former president has yet to face any criminal charges, some legal experts believe it might happen soon. 

If Donald Trump is charged with a crime, Kirschner believes that some of his family members, like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, could be at risk. They were both senior advisers to him during his time in the White House and they likely had an insider’s view as to what really went down, especially after the 2020 presidential election leading up to the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. 

“Do you think he’s going to stand up for anybody about whom he has dirt? Are you kidding me? He will sell out everybody, including, I believe, his family members,” said Kirschner on The Stephanie Miller Show. “Jared, perhaps even Ivanka in order to get himself a better deal.” The legal analyst thinks “that’s who Donald Trump is” — a man who is “going to go to the art of the deal to the art of the plea deal.”

This isn’t the first time Kirschner has accused Donald Trump of putting himself first. He doubled down on the theory that the former president is ready to “give up everybody to try to save himself” if he’s facing an indictment. “That’s what narcissists do. They sacrifice everybody else to save themselves, even if it’s only to save themselves one year in prison, one day in prison, one hour in prison. Or maybe just for spite, because they deserve to be thrown under the bus,” he said on a recent episode of Justice Matters. Ivanka and Kushner have already separated themselves from Donald Trump’s 2024 political aspirations, so any hint of further trouble may start seeping into their personal relationship as well.

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