'LEGO® In Focus' Book Explores an Imaginative Collection of Photography

For 70 years, LEGO bricks have been at the forefront of creative playtime. And in an effort to clearly capture its impact and dynamic, the company has just announced its new book LEGO In Focus which features work from 50 photographers that explores their own LEGO perspective.

Its contents feature playful minifigure-sized perspectives that include themes of nature, urban life, adventure and travel. Visuals include that of ocean scenery, summer day ice cream runs, animals, trains set in a winter wonderland, comedic interactions between LEGO figures and actual animals and more that are paired alongside detailed captions. Each image features hidden humor and various surprises, and there are also behind-the-scenes shots that allow us to see more of the photographer’s creative process.

Looking to add to your reading list? LEGO® In Focus is slated to release on October 4 for $30 USD.

In other news, LEGO recently recreated Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express.
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