Lily Collins is about to become a rapping crypto mastermind in this wild new true crime series

Lily Collins is leaving romcoms behind in Hulu’s wild new true crime series Razzlekhan, which tells the real-life story of a crypto couple charged with being involved in one of the largest heists in history.

Think Lily Collins, think Emily In Paris. These days, the actor is synonymous with the bubbly protagonist from Netflix’s hit series who has a penchant for Parisian pastries, fabulous fashion and romantic misadventures as she embarks on an expat experience in the City of Light.

But while we wait impatiently for Emily Cooper to descend onto our TV screens in another colourful whirlwind when season three arrives later this year, news comes our way that Collins has just signed onto a TV project of a completely different kind. 

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Hot on the heels of popular shows like Netflix’s Inventing Anna and Hulu’s The Dropout, Collins is about to dip her toe into the world of true crime in Hulu’s outrageous new series Razzlekhan: The Infamous Crocodile Of Wall Street.

Based on the New York magazine article The Many Lives Of Crypto’s Most Notorious Couple, Deadline reports that the upcoming series tells the real-life story of Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein and Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan (played by Collins), a couple who were arrested in February and charged with attempting to launder billions of dollars in stolen Bitcoin. 

Told through the eyes of the couple as well as hackers, bankers, law enforcement agents and friends, the series follows Heather and Ilya as “they struggle with their relationship, the pressures of sitting on stolen crypto with no easy way to make it liquid, and their aspirations in the fishbowl of the NYC tech/media world”, according to Deadline.

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in Emily In Paris season 2

Described as a character study, a love story and crime thriller all rolled into one, the series will delve into whether the couple were either the masterminds behind one of the largest heists in history or a pair of hapless wannabe entrepreneurs who somehow stumbled onto a hard drive containing $3.6 billion (£3.1bn) in Bitcoin stolen from the Finex exchange.

The intriguing name of the series, meanwhile, takes inspiration from Morgan’s alter ego as a YouTube rapper. 

Were the couple guilty? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. Since their arrest in February, Lichtenstein and Morgan, who now face up to 25 years in prison, have been in talks with prosecutors on a plea deal but have not pleaded guilty.

An alleged rapping crypto scammer? It’s certainly a change of direction for Collins, who is producing the series alongside Alex Orlovsky and Charlie McDowell. The trio previously produced Netflix’s breakout hit Windfall, which starred Collins opposite Jesse Plemons and Jason Segel.

But while Emily Cooper and Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan might be two opposite sides of the coin, something tells us that Collins is about to pull it out of the bag for this outrageous new series. Did someone say Emmy award?

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