Liu Wei Brings His Abstracted Urban Artworks to London's White Cube

The new Liu Wei exhibition starts by asking a question: “Given the current condition of the world, what possibilities might exist for human beings to live together as a collective body?” Wei reflected on this existential thought throughout the pandemic and has created a series of new works now on display at London’s White Cube.

The exhibition, entitled “Nudità,” takes its name from an essay by Italian philosopher, Giorgio Agambe and explores the state of societies at this moment in history. The Beijing-based artist is known for creating abstracted artwork composing of traditional paintings and large-scale sculptures made of readymade household items, such as ceramics, books, TV sets, fridges and fans — giving these objects a new lease on life.

Wei grew up a part of the generation who experienced China’s mass urbanization, which in turn informs his practice through various architectural tropes. He recognizes the city as a dynamic force, but raises questions on the way we build and experience them. The Chinese artist has showcased work in many museum and gallery spaces in his home country, along with exhibiting at institutions around the world, such as MoMA New York, the Venice Biennale and Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo

Liu Wei’s “Nudità” views at White Cube in London until September 5.

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