Mercedes-Benz's Sustaineer Electric Delivery Van Concept Can Purify Surrounding Air

With most of the automotive industry moving towards a greener future with electric powertrains, Mercedes-Benz has now developed a new electric delivery van concept that goes beyond just reducing carbon emissions.

Aptly dubbed the Sustaineer, the new concept centers around creating a more sustainable future in logistics. On top of a greener powertrain, the vehicle can actually purify the air surrounding it through fine particulate filters placed on both the front of the van and its underbody. It also utilizes cast iron, ceramic-coated disc brakes to limit how much dust is produced in the air.

Cleaning air aside, the EV is equipped with a range of other eco-friendly technologies, such as solar panels on its roof to boost the car’s range, a more energy-efficient heating system, low rolling resistance tires and a much quieter automatic door. Even the construction of the van itself is environmentally-minded, using a whole series of recycled materials such as household waste, natural straw, used tires and recycled polypropylene.

There’s no information from the German automaker as to when the Sustaineer will hit the roads, but the company says it has designed these technologies with mass production in mind, some of which may even make their way to other commercial vehicles.

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