Myths about the YouTube by DANIL K

Surely you had thoughts to create your own YouTube channel, but it didn’t go further than thoughts. It happened because of the YouTube myths: “It’s very difficult,” “I can’t handle it,” “You need a lot of expensive equipment,” etc. Danil K shared his experience of successful channel promotion with us and dispelled most of the myths that we are going to analyse below.


1. To be successful you need to release a lot of videos.

In fact, this is not the case, and there are many examples of this. One of them is the Danil K’s channel. If you turn to this channel, you will immediately notice that there are 459 tons of subscribers on its channel, but at the same time there are only 23 videos! Thus, you don’t have to make a huge amount of videos hoping that at least something will pop. YouTube doesn’t look at the number of your videos; each video is promoted separately. Do not chase after quantity – the main is the quality of the content.

2. I won’t be able to figure out how YouTube works.

No, YouTube has a detailed tutorial on how to promote your channel and it won’t take long to learn it. You can also arrange an online consultation with one of the specialists. You just need about 3 hours of your time – this will be enough to understand how YouTube works.

3. YouTube is a lottery and you can only count on luck.

The chance of gaining a large number of subscribers seems almost smoke, and here you are wrong. Channel promotion is a well-defined sequence of actions that cannot fail in leading to success if you follow it. Learning to work with YouTube is like studying a subject at school, it is enough to get the basics for understanding. You just need to force yourself to hit the textbook, set goals minimally and success will not keep you waiting long.

4. Content of the same type competes with each other.

In reality, this is not true. If a video is about fishing, then this does not mean that it competes only with similar videos. Each of us who watches YouTube has several interests on the home page, so for the video to appear in the recommendations of the viewer, it will compete with all videos that are in the user’s interest, and not just with videos about fishing.

5. No chance without expensive equipment.

There is a wrong opinion that if your material is interesting to the viewer – he will watch it, even if it is filmed on a smartphone. The only thing that has be perfect is the sound quality. A small lavalier mic shouldn’t be neglected.

6. I will make a YouTube channel, order cheats and I’m in chocolate.

Money thrown away is useless, better spend it on equipment. YouTube will cut them off. The algorithms will show that the videos are not being watched, and a non-live audience comes to your channel. Such channels will not be promoted.

7. It is necessary to come up with unique content that does not yet exist.

Try to read Austin Cleon’s book “Steal Like an Artist”.

8. I haven’t got any money for the channel.

And you don’t need! On the contrary, YouTube will pay you if you monetize your channel. Moreover, if you do not make money on YouTube as a blogger, then you don’t actually exist there.