Nate Was Supposed to Be Gossip Girl Instead of Dan, and Now My Entire Life Is a Lie

There’s a lot about the ending of Gossip Girl that still rubs me the wrong way, but few things are as disappointing as Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) being revealed as the Gossip Girl in the 2012 series finale. Not only does it turn the character into a complete sociopath and make Serena marrying him extremely cringe, but it also makes no sense, you guys. (We can all agree it should’ve been Dorota, right?)

But, thanks to a recent admission from the show’s writer and executive producer Joshua Safran, we now know that Dan was originally never supposed to be the person behind the blog about the lives of Manhattan’s elite. During a chat about the series at this year’s Vulture Festival in LA, Buzzfeed reports that Safran explained that he never intended Dan to be the big reveal.

“I like to joke that Dan was Gossip Girl because I had left the show by then. Dan was not my intended Gossip Girl, so honestly, you’d have to ask someone else,” he said. “But, I understand why Dan was Gossip Girl. I just had my heart set on Nate.”

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