New Grandma Gayle King Shared the Sweetest Photo of Her Daughter Kirby’s Baby Boy

There is nothing better than sweet baby news to kick off the week. Gayle King shared the excitement on CBS Mornings on Monday that she is officially a grandmother. Luca Lynn Miller was born last week and grandma was able to join her daughter, Kirby Bumpus, and husband, Virgil Miller, on Friday to meet their baby boy.

“I wanted to be a grandmother for a long time, and it’s really something when you see your own child become a parent. I am so nuts about him,” she told her co-workers and viewers on Monday morning, via Oprah Daily. “And then I was holding him, Kirby goes, ‘You know, you have to support his neck.’ Uh, okay! I actually know how to do this!” She also shared photos of the family of three and her own loving snapshot holding her grandson — you could feel how thrilled she was to share the news.

Little baby Luca also has a wonderful tribute to his uncle, who passed away earlier this year, in his middle name and King added that the tiny newborn already has a very big nickname to live up to: “LL Cool Mill.” But don’t expect King to be a hands-off grandma when the baby needs a diaper change or is crying, she promised that she “didn’t want to let him go.”

We expect King to spoil Luca as every grandparent should (and we wonder what Oprah Winfrey’s gift will be to him) because she was “over the moon” all during the broadcast.  “Congratulations to my favorite daughter, my favorite son-in-law, and now I have a favorite grandson,” she enthusiastically exclaimed. That is one lucky baby to have so much love around him.

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