Newlyweds’ horror as they see wedding photos – ‘It’s ruined the memory for us’

When Lin and Brendan Lavery were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to find the perfect photographer to capture their big day.

They splashed out for an £100-an-hour photographer after she was recommended by one of the other companies they were dealing with for their celebrations.

After seeing what the photographer claimed were examples of her work on social media, the Plymouth couple couldn't wait to see snaps of them saying 'I Do'.

But they were heartbroken when they saw the "diabolical" pictures, claiming their six-year-old grandson could have done a better job, reports Plymouth Live.

Lin, 69, said: "The more you look at them, the more mistakes you see. It’s ruined the memory of us exchanging our vows."

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Brendan, 71, added: "Most of the pictures were out of focus. They are diabolical. We couldn’t believe that they were that bad."

After being sent their photos, the couple pleaded for the photographer to send over the originals in the hope that they could find someone who could "salvage" some.

But with most of them being out of focus, not much could be done.

The couple claim the photographer blocked and deleted them on social media, meaning they struggled to contact her.

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Lin and Brendan, who have been together for 16 years, said they were left with no choice but to arrange to recreate their wedding day – and plan to do it all again next month.

Their reception has agreed to have them back, but they've had to fork out another £330 on another photographer.

Lin said: "The Duke of Cornwall have been kind enough to let us use the venue again. Luckily enough it was a small wedding.

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The couple have now sent a warning to other couples, urging them to check they're not being ripped off.

Brendan said: "We looked on her Facebook page and the photographs were good, but we found out that some of them were stock images.

"We’ve been left £200 out of pocket and we’re pensioners and money is tight when you’re a pensioner.

"First of all, try and find out from other people, ask around.

"Ask to see other people’s wedding photographs and look around on social media."

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