Parasites attach themselves to naked man's nether regions in brutal reality show

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A man got more than he bargained for in the wilderness when he discovered – much to his horror, and ours – that parasites had attached themselves to his penis.

Anyone else put off from camping for life?

In an episode of the no-holds-barred reality TV series Naked and Afraid: Castaways, contestant Andrew Shayde woke up one morning to find five ticks on his genitals.

Ticks are small, parasitic spider-like creatures that feed on the blood of birds and mammals – including humans – and can carry diseases including Lyme disease, the NHS explains.

A trio of contestants on the show were together in the forest one morning examining their skin for the pesky parasites, with one man finding two that were ‘stuck’ on a woman’s neck and painful to remove.

Andrew, who was standing up and taking careful look at himself, then piped up to say: ‘Oh I had two on my penis.’

He later revealed he had three… before that number rose to five in total.

The woman then asked: ‘Oh god! Didn’t you have three on your buttcrack which got you tapped out before?’, recalling when needed help having ticks removed from his backside… leaving him in apparent excruciating pain in the process.

Speaking to the camera, Andrew informed viewers: ‘I woke up this morning with five ticks on my little castaway, and knowing my history with ticks in my past challenges, this is definitely freaking me out.’

Footage was then shown of him having ticks removed from his behind, as he lay on the ground on his stomach yelling in pain.

The other man who was with Andrew and the woman told them: ‘I just have them in between my legs. Luckily, they didn’t take the prime real estate.’

‘Last night was a full assault. It was terrible,’ Andrew quipped, as the woman added: ‘It was one ex-mother-in-law away from my worst nightmare.’

What happens if you are bitten by a tick?

If you are bitten by a tick, there is the possibility of developing Lyme disease.

An early symptom of Lyme disease can be a rash in a circular or oval shape around the bite. The rash usually appears within one to four weeks and can last for several weeks, but it may appear up to three months after being bitten.

For more details on what the rash can look like, click here.

Those who are bitten can develop flu-like symptoms, the NHS states.

These can include:

  • a high temperature, or feeling hot and shivery
  • headache
  • muscle and joint pain
  • tiredness and loss of energy

The NHS adds: ‘Tick bites are not always painful. You may not notice a tick unless you see it on your skin.

‘Regularly check for ticks on your clothes and skin, and on children and pets after being outdoors.’

To remove a tick safely, use tweezers or a tick-removal tool, grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull upwards.

Try not to squeeze or crush the tick, and throw it away when it’s been removed. Then clean the bite with antiseptic or soap and water.

Andrew explained how important for them to get a fire going in their camp, as in addition to being essential for doing activities such as cooking, it could also deter insects.

‘We need to get fire done and that opens the door to everything else we can do after – boil water, cook food, getting rid of bugs with the smoke,’ he shared.

As if we needed reminding, this has just drilled into us that we will not be shedding our clothes when facing the potential perils of nature.

Naked and Afraid airs on Discovery Plus.

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