Regina José Galindo's Performative Ode in a Dismantled Cop Car at The Watermill Center

The Watermill Center in New York is showing “The Body,” a compelling exhibition featuring video works by acclaimed Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo. Making its debut on July 29, 2023, “The Body” will continue to go on view through October 15, 2023.

Alongside this exhibition, Regina José Galindo premiered her engaging participatory performance piece titled “SIREN” during The Annual Watermill Summer Benefit on July 29. “SIREN” was a major participatory performance involving the collaboration of 12 auto mechanics, centered around the disassembly of a police vehicle with Galindo seated in the backseat. This performance, known as “SIREN,” sheds light on pressing issues surrounding law enforcement in the United States.

“The Body” exhibition traces Regina José Galindo’s remarkable twenty-year journey in performance art and poetry, offering an encompassing view of her impactful performances. Some of her work has even been honored with the prestigious Venice Biennale Golden Lion for Promising Young Artist. Galindo, who resides and creates in Guatemala, employs the body as a starting point to delve into the ethical complexities arising from social violence, as well as the injustices tied to gender and racial discrimination. Her artistic expressions often intertwine with the Guatemalan landscape, serving as a medium through which she critically examines human rights abuses stemming from systemic inequalities that persist across contemporary societies.

“Regina’s performances are truly awe-inspiring and hold immeasurable value as a wellspring of inspiration for both our Artists-in-Residence and all those who visit the exhibition,” remarks Elise Herget, Managing Director of The Watermill Center. “As a poet, Regina’s performance art resonates with its simplicity, directness, and profound impact. Her adept navigation of spatial dynamics echoes the legacy of performance art at The Watermill Center, deeply rooted in the stage craft of Robert Wilson. Be it in live or video form, her work exudes an equal measure of evocative power, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the engagement of our artists and community with her remarkable oeuvre.”

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