'Resident Evil's Leon, Jill and Nemesis are Joining 'Dead by Daylight'

Five years on from its original launch date, Dead by Daylight is still going strong thanks to a devote fanbase, and now Behaviour Interactive is rewarding that support with a new collaborative effort with CAPCOM to bring into the game Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Nemesis from the Resident Evil franchise.

As you’d expect, Nemesis will be joining the horror survivor as its latest Killer. Primarily attacking with his gruesome tentacles, Nemesis will offer players more of a ranged experience, just like Trickster or Deathslinger. To make him truly unique, he’s not only able to spawn a host of zombies but also infects Survivors with the T-Virus, which causes them to cough and squeal, turning them into easier targets to hunt down. There’ll be vaccines dotted across the map to cure the virus, but there’s only a limited amount of them so players will have to manage their resources.

As for Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, naturally, both will join the Survivors roster as playable characters. Jill’s unique perk is a mine she can place on generators, which will trigger and explode when the Killer tries to sabotage the machine, blinding him temporarily. Leon will be able to spawn a series of flashbangs across the map which can also blind Killers as well as stop them from carrying any downed Survivors.

For fans of the two games, the Resident Evil chapter will arrive on Dead by Daylight June 15.

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