Ron DeSantis' Reason for Why He Gets Trolled by Donald Trump & Joe Biden Is Completely Absurd

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is spinning quite a yarn about two strong 2024 presidential contenders, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. He seems to think that the trolling he’s receiving from both candidates is because his campaign is doing so well, they are afraid. Well, somebody might want to tell him the truth about his polling numbers on the national level.

DeSantis’ run for president has been anything but a success so far, and his recent campaign manager change indicates that things aren’t great behind the scenes either. However, the Florida governor is going to pretend that he’s being verbally attacked by Joe Biden and Donald Trump because he’s so good at running for president. Are his supporters going to buy this reasoning?

“I get attacked by the left, I get attacked by the Democrats, [Joe] Biden, [Kamala] Harris, the media, [Donald] Trump so I must be somebody that they consider to be a threat,” he told NewsNation. “Because if not, you would kind of just ignore and go on.” DeSantis, who seemed to be the Republican Party heir apparent just a year ago, is floundering in the polls because his Florida governing style doesn’t resonate on a national level. But he seems to think the snarky comments from other candidates is a positive thing. “Look, when they’re attacking you, that means you’re over the target,” he explained. “So, we’re happy to field that and we’ll hold our own.”


With his polls numbers going down, according to The Hill, and being forced to downsize his campaign staff, things are looking great for DeSantis in the long run. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping the Florida governor’s desire “to win the presidency.” He concluded. “I don’t have any other motive. I don’t want to get a cable news deal. I’m not trying to sell anything.” He’s just trying to sell Florida politics, and not many people are biting.

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