Salehe Bembury Teases Crocs Pollex Slides

After releasing numerous colorways of the collaborative Pollex Clogs, designer Salehe Bembury now reveals a brand new slide silhouette in collaboration with Crocs.

Bembury first brought his signature fingerprint-like pattern to the footwear company in late 2021 after working with New Balance and ANTA. The unexpected collaboration would go on to captivate the sneaker world, becoming one of the most recognizable and successful silhouettes in the current wave of foam-based molded footwear.

The same natural grooves from the Pollex Clogs are seen stretching across the strap and bottoms of the unreleased pairs. Unlike the Clogs, however, no perforations are integrated between the lines. The samples worn by Bembury are also found in a pink chrome finish in contrast to the mostly matte finish of the Clogs.

Take a first look at the Crocs Pollex slides above and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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