Satisfy and Trailrunner Launch Flat Soda for Distance Runners

Most times when people indulge in soda, they’re expecting a fizzy drink. But Satisfy and Trailrunner are countering this expectation with their first intentionally flat soda.

Entitled “Floda,” the non-carbonated drink has been crafted specifically for distance runners. Traditional soda surprisingly yields a slight performance boost for distance runners, but the drawback is the discomfort and cramping that occurs from the carbonation. As a carbonation-free drink, Floda still harbors the levels of caffeine and sugar that athletes crave for endurance.

“We’ve always kept our ears to the ground of our communities to truly listen to what trail runners need to keep running longer,” said Trailerunner’s Head of Brand & Creative, Andrew Lincoln.  “We just tapped into something the ultra-running community has been doing along. We wanted to help make it more accessible for all trail runners to benefit from.”

Take a closer look at Floda in the gallery and campaign video above.

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