Sony erases all mention of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remake

It’s looking like the remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic has been cancelled, as Sony tries to pretend it was never announced.

The return of Lucasfilm Games has so far been a very successful one, especially as they’ve overseen not just new Star Wars games, like Fallen Order and Survivor, but also returns for Monkey Island and, in the future, Indiana Jones.

Their one misstep so far has been their plans for a remake of BioWare classic Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, which many fans would welcome but which, for some reason, Lucasfilm asked Aspyr Media to developer.

Given Aspyr usually only make low budget remasters that seemed a very strange choice, and the project almost immediately ran into trouble… and now it seems to be dead completely. Or at the very least no longer a PlayStation exclusive.

The remake was first announced in 2021 but the only thing that was ever shown is the brief teaser below. Then, within less than a year, there was talk of the project being put on hold and the art director and design director being fired.

A year after that and rumours suggested that World War Z developer Saber Interactive had taken over the project and while it was later confirmed they are working on it, it was never clear if they were doing everything or if Aspyr was still involved.

There’s still no official word, but fans have noticed that Sony has deleted the tweet announcing the game and that the reveal trailer has been made private.

This suggests that Sony just wants the game to be quietly forgotten, which in turn could have been precipitated by wide ranging job cuts at Aspyr’s parent company, Embracer Group.

The bottom line is don’t expect the remake to arrive any time soon, and it’s probably best to assume it’s never going to happen.

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