Stüssy's Iconic Billiard Logo Immortalized as Magic 8 Ball Toy

Fans could likely select any number of unforgettable Stüssy motifs (that one S doodle not included) that have emerged over the brand’s decades-long tenure at the cutting edge of streetwear. One of its most memorable is the simplest: a humble black 8 ball, a Stüssy signature since its early days. Now, toymaker Mattel‘s Creations sub-label is making the old new again by remixing its Magic 8 Ball toy.

This partnership is well-timed, following a special candle and billiard ball set that also brought Stüssy’s 8 ball to life. This Magic 8 Ball, however, is arguably the most appropriate realization to date, considering that the toy’s nostalgic origins dovetails neatly with Stüssy’s own youthful legacy.

Like any normal Magic 8 Ball, Stüssy’s special edition collectible will give a clear — or vague — answer to any binary question, but there’s a twist. This variation of the toy has been elevated with Stüssy’s signature script, imagery and voice, offering a playful spin to the familiar design. There’s even a collaborative T-shirt to memorialize the collaborative drop, loaded with quotation marks and a psychic Stüssy logo.

The bespoke Magic 8 Ball toy launches at Mattel’s website, Stüssy web store, chapter stores and Dover Street Market outposts on January 15.

Most recently, Stüssy launched a charitable T-shirt aimed at benefitting a local Toronto barbershop.
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