SuperM singer Taeyong apologises for bullying during his middle school years

A dark cloud has lifted for Taeyong. One of the seven members of new Korean boy band SuperM, he was accused of being a bully in his middle school years.

According to the koreaboo portal, Taeyong, 24, came back on Oct 11 from the United States – where SuperM made their debut on Oct 4 – and decided to put things right.

He met one of the alleged victims for more than two hours, and apologised.

His agency SM Entertainment said Taeyong deeply regrets “saying things that caused hurt and behaving insensitively during his middle school days, which was before he started his dreams to be a singer”.

“The friend accepted Taeyong’s apology,” it added, nothing that they both wished each other well in their careers.

When rumours of his bullying surfaced, SM had asked Taeyong’s parents to provide records of his middle-school years.

It did not find any evidence pointing to disciplinary action against the singer who is also a member of boy band NCT.

The parents said they did not get a call from the school to discuss any bullying.

Now that the dust has settled over the bullying episode, Taeyong can enjoy SuperM’s super reception in the US.

The group, whose members are from existing boy groups NCT, EXO and Shinee, have topped the Billboard 200 chart with their SuperM – The 1st Mini Album.

They join South Korean boy band BTS which have also made a similar breakthrough in the crucial US market.

Taeyong can now free his mind to focus on preparing for SuperM’s North American tour which rolls out in November.

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