The House Committee Finally Has Donald Trump's Tax Returns After Massive Legal Battle — But There's a Pressing Catch

After a long court battle, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee has finally obtained Donald Trump’s tax returns. While that may seem like a green light for the investigation to continue, the timing couldn’t be worse for the Democrats.

The committee now has access to six years of the former president’s tax returns, but they only have about a month to go over the paperwork. Come January, the Republicans will have a majority in the House and that could bring the entire investigation to a screeching halt. There may be a loophole, though, because the Democrats retained the majority in the Senate and their Finance Committee is also “considering their options on any action relating to Trump’s tax returns,” per Reuters.

The fight over Donald Trump’s taxes originated in 2019 when the Democrats took control of the House and tried to perform oversight on the 45th president. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, revealed that Donald Trump had allegedly inflated the “value of assets when applying for loans and undervaluing them when it helped lower his taxes,” per The New York Times. The House committee was also looking into creating an auditing program for any president in office, which was another reason for the tax return request.

Donald Trump’s taxes have been the source of several court battles in Washington, D.C. and New York, and he claimed it was a political witch hunt. Now that the courts have sided with the House and they have the tax returns in hand, the committee has to rush to figure out a plan — and Donald Trump can no longer hide behind appeals in the legal system.

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