The North Face's NSE Line Explores Inner Forest Raves With Its New Collection

The North Face has just presented the first drop of the year to come from its NSE line — and the outerwear specialist has enlisted emerging UK rapper Kam-BU to front the campaign.

As a whole, the collection takes inspiration from the all-night hedonism of the early 2000s along with the rebel sounds that came from London’s underground music scene of the era. With this in mind, this latest NSE collection from The North Face taps into a selection of trippy and psychedelic colors across an assemblage of technically-focused garments with a strong intention to bridge the gap between the great outdoors and the inner city.

Dropping in line with his new single “Live-O,” British rhymer Kam-BU is captured wearing a selection of The North Face’s staple pieces. For example, some collection highlights come in the form of the new Dryvent Carduelis Jacket along with two fresh iterations of the VECTIV Taraval, all of which are designed with waterproof fabrications and a slew of technical pockets. Additionally, the new collection also welcomes a new line of T-shirts, all designed with bright graphics and color schemes.

In celebration of the new line, The North Face and Kam-BU have also stated that the first 30 people to shop the new collection will get their hands on a special-edition NSE vinyl for “Live-O.” Each record is made from recycled materials and also comes with a selection of collectible stickers. Speaking about his new record, Kam-BU said:

“”Live-O” is a rave-ready anthem about the reigniting of adventure through the power of music, an ode to “free party” culture and forest raves. The industrial sound and blended tongue and cheek lyricism that points towards the lost way of myself and the times. However, there’s something about the dance which has, and always will be liberating.”

You can check out the new collection from The North Face above and it is available to shop via the brand’s official website now.

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