The Sims 4 adds more trans inclusive options as it teases The Sims 5 news

While EA continues to tease Project Rene, a new The Sims 4 update is praised for adding binders and top surgery scars for transgender Sims.

Back in 2016, EA and developer Maxis removed all gender limitations from The Sims 4, allowing transgender players to create Sims that better resembled themselves.

Since them, The Sims 4 has tried to be as inclusive as possible, with its latest update adding binders and shapewear cosmetics, as well as the option to give male Sims a top surgery scar.

Not only that, but there’s now a new medical wearables category that contains a hearing aid option (that comes in 15 different colours) and a glucose monitor for the arms or lower abdomen.

These aren’t the only inclusions in the new update. There are some other minor additions, such as a new light switch for the game’s build mode and general build mode improvements for the console versions of the game.

It’s the addition of binders (primarily used to flatten breasts) and medical wearables, though, that has garnered the most attention and praise from players, since they allow for more accurate representation.

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